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Customers ask about the use and principle of image intensifier

Today, I received a call from a dealer asking about our company’s products. First, the customer said that they used Toshiba’s products before, asked if our company’s products could meet the same standard, replied that our company’s products could replace relevant products. The customer asked about two parameters he was most concerned about, effective incident field and output image diameter, and replied NK-2 3xz / p3h can meet the requirements, and then relevant parameters are issued

Then the customer raised his own doubts. There won’t be any problems when using it, right? Don’t worry about the reply. There is no difficulty in using the new seek image intensifier. Then I explained to the customer the working principle of the image intensifier. The new seek image intensifier is used for X-ray wear After passing the human body, the X-ray of different intensities is projected on the input screen according to the different density of the human body tissue to produce a visible image, which is brighter and smaller than the perspective image before weight first.

Image intensifier is mainly used for image enhancement of low dose X-ray machine, which makes very low X-ray pass through the tested object and form valuable image through the electron multiplier of image intensifier, In order to reduce the damage of X-ray to users, the region of gray jump change in the image corresponds to the high frequency component in the frequency domain, and the region of slow gray change corresponds to the low frequency component in the frequency domain. Through the frequency domain ZD filtering processing, the low-frequency or high-frequency components can be retained to achieve the purpose of image smoothing or sharpening. DFT filtering in frequency domain image processing in frequency domain image processing in frequency domain


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