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image intensifier came,Fight the epidemic

CNN’s headline is actually a summary of various viral messages. One of the latest is that NBA legend “Magic” Johnson called in an interview with CNN that different races can get equal access to medical resources. He said that African Americans have already faced many problems with medical resources, and the United States must do better at this point. Johnson himself is a carrier of HIV. He said in an interview that the HIV virus epidemic is similar to the current New Coronary Pneumonia virus epidemic. For example, black Americans and ethnic minorities lack testing opportunities and lack accurate enough information.
Combined with the above medical resources, our company’s image intensifier must be indispensable and cannot be ignored.Our image intensifier can be used in medical X-ray machines, as well as in industrial detection.
Real-time dynamic monitoring is more conducive to earlier and faster patient detection.
Oec image intensifier composition

The composition of the image intensifier fluoroscopy

Type of image intensifier


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