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Detailed introduction of the insulation layer of X-ray high voltage cable?

The structure of X-ray high voltage cable is as follows:

1. Conductor

2. Low voltage insulation

3. High voltage insulation inner shield

4. High voltage insulation

5. High voltage insulation outer shield

6. Sheath

 The insulation of X-ray high voltage cables can generally be divided into three types: gas insulation, liquid insulation and solid insulation. In practical applications, solid insulation is still the most widely used and most reliable insulating material. Under the action of strong electricity, insulating materials may be broken down and lose their insulating properties. Among the above three insulating materials, after the gas insulating material is broken down, once the external factors (strong electric field) are removed, its inherent electrical insulation performance can be restored by itself; and the solid insulating material is irreversibly lost completely after being broken down Improve its electrical insulation properties. Therefore, the insulation selection of electrical circuits and equipment must match the voltage level, and must be compatible with the use environment and operating conditions to ensure the safety of insulation. In addition, due to corrosive gases, vapors, moisture, conductive dust, and mechanical operations, the insulation performance of insulating materials may be reduced or even destroyed. Moreover, the long-term effects of environmental factors such as sunlight, wind and rain can also make the insulating materials of X-ray high-voltage cables age and gradually lose their insulating properties.

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