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Why are X-ray image intensifiers relatively lagging behind?

There could be a few reasons why X-ray image intensifiers may be perceived as lagging behind compared to other imaging technologies:
Technology Advancements: X-ray image intensifiers rely on older technology compared to newer imaging technologies such as digital radiography or computed tomography (CT). These newer technologies offer higher image quality, faster processing times, and greater versatility, which can make image intensifiers seem outdated.
Limitations in Image Quality: Image intensifiers have limitations in terms of image quality, particularly when compared to newer technologies. They may have lower resolution and contrast compared to digital imaging systems, which can affect their diagnostic accuracy.
Radiation Dose: X-ray image intensifiers require higher radiation doses compared to newer imaging technologies. This is because the image intensifier needs a certain level of X-ray exposure to produce a visible image. With increasing concerns about radiation exposure and safety, there is a push towards using lower dose imaging techniques.
Cost and Accessibility: Image intensifiers can be expensive to purchase and maintain. Newer imaging technologies may offer more cost-effective options or be more readily available, making them more attractive to healthcare facilities.
It is important to note that X-ray image intensifiers still have their own advantages and continue to be used in certain applications, such as fluoroscopy procedures. However, the continuous advancements in newer imaging technologies have led to their perception as relatively lagging behind in certain aspects.
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