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Features of high voltage generator of X-ray machine

The structure of the high-voltage generator of the X-ray machine is composed of a high-voltage transformer, an X-ray tube filament heating transformer, a high-voltage rectifier, and a high-voltage socket. The characteristics of the high-voltage generator of the X-ray machine are as follows:
1. Simple operation and complete functions.
2. The output high voltage stability is higher, and the Povin coefficient is smaller.
3. High precision and accurate measurement. Good anti-interference performance, suitable for on-site use.
4. High voltage regulation stability, smooth voltage regulation in the whole process, stable boosting process and high regulation accuracy.
5. The automatic protection circuit has strong function, perfect and reliable protection, and makes the operation safe.
6. The pressure doubler can be divided into sections, which is flexible and convenient for on-site use.
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