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Four-field image intensifier works on principle

Four-field image intensifier works by taking advantage of the physical principles of electron and optics. In simple terms, the images formed after passing through the subject are projected onto the image receiving end of the image intensifier, which stimulates the intensifier receiver to produce a faintly visible image.
The light generated by this image can also excite the photocathode to produce the runaway electrons, which are accelerated to the image output of the intensifier under the action of the high-voltage electric field. The image output screen of the intensifier is excited under the effect of electron and accelerated convergence to produce a visible image with sufficient brightness.
four field image intensifier
At the same time, the image brightness can be further enhanced due to the principle of electron acceleration excitation of the intensifier, and then the radiation dose of the subject can be greatly reduced, which is the purpose of reducing radiation damage.
Produced by philips in the Netherlands in 1952, the four-field image intensifier is a milestone in the field of X-ray imaging.
Newheek four-field image intensifier is divided into 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches.Its features and features can replace Toshiba, thales, philips and other four-field image intensifier.
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