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How does an X-ray image intensifier work to enhance image brightness?

An X-ray image intensifier is a device that enhances image brightness by converting X-ray photons into a visible light image. It consists of several components, including a input phosphor, photocathode, electrostatic lens, output phosphor, and a CCD camera or other imaging system.

When X-ray photons pass through the patient’s body and strike the input phosphor of the image intensifier, they cause the emission of electrons through a process called photoemission. These electrons are accelerated and focused by an electrostatic lens towards a photocathode, which converts the electrons into visible light photons.

The amplified visible light image is then further accelerated and focused by the electrostatic lens onto the output phosphor. The output phosphor emits a bright visible light image that corresponds to the X-ray pattern from the patient.

Finally, the visible light image is captured by a CCD camera or other imaging system, which converts it into a digital image for storage or display.

By amplifying the signal through multiple stages, an X-ray image intensifier significantly increases the brightness of the resulting image, making it easier for healthcare professionals to visualize and interpret X-ray images. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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