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How the image intensifier tube works?

How the image intensifier tube works:
1. Image conversion and enhancement process of image intensifier tube: X-ray-II input screen-phosphor layer-visible image-photocathode-electronic image-acceleration, focusing-high-speed reduction of electron image-output screen phosphor layer-high brightness Visible light fluorescence image.
Image intensifier X ray structure analysis
2. Enhancement principle of image intensifier tube:
From the enhancement process of the image intensifier, we can see that the image intensifier has reduced gain and flow gain; reducing the gain means focusing the image of a larger area of the input screen to a small area of the output screen, and improving the brightness of the image; = input screen effective area / output screen effective area; flow gain means that the photoelectrons emitted by the photocathode in the image enhancement tube are accelerated by the anode, and the photoelectron energy is increased, and the phosphor layer of the output screen is struck to produce a multiple of the number of photons (generally about 50 times) ); therefore the total brightness gain of the image intensifier tube = reduced gain x flow gain.


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