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How the image intensifier works

Many customers will ask a lot of technical questions when they inquire about image intensifiers. Let’s take a look today. The first thing we need to understand is the working principle of the image intensifier, then what role does the working principle of the image intensifier play in imaging? Come take a look.

First of all, we need to be clear about the structure of the image intensifier, input screen, photocathode, focusing electrode, and output screen. The photocathode on the inner side of the phosphor screen generates different numbers of photoelectrons according to the intensity of the fluorescence. The photoelectrons of the photocathode are attracted by the positive potential of the anode and fly to the positive at high speed. The photoelectrons pass through the anode hole and are projected onto the output screen to produce a visible image. The image is brighter and smaller in size than the previous perspective image. When the X-rays pass through the human body, the X-rays of different intensities are projected onto the input screen according to the different densities of the human tissue.

The above is an introduction to the working principle of the image intensifier, and customers who have questions about the working principle of the image intensifier please contact us.


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