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Ii machine X-ray failure

Ii machine X-ray is used for c-arm X-ray machine, which is an important part of c-arm.Image intensifier converts invisible X-ray images into visible images and enhances the brightness of images.
Ii machine X ray failure
C-arm X-ray machine is used for X-ray imaging equipment in radiology department and orthopedic surgery. Among them, the image processing system is the key part of the image system and the image quality depends on the software processing function and processing accuracy as well as the most original data accuracy when collecting images.
Ii machine X-ray failure is mainly manifested as no image, image noise, image blurring or image distortion, etc.
Newheek ii machine x ray is divided into various models and types to meet different size requirements. It is mainly divided into 6 “, 9 “and 12” image intensifiers, which are suitable for different types of X-ray machines.


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