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Image intensifier ct scan consists of criteria

Image intensifier ct scan serves as a receiver for a medical X-ray imager.It belongs to electronic optical focusing vacuum tube type imaging device, which is mainly composed of vacuum image inverter and lens-coupled CCD camera. This imaging device has high signal-to-noise ratio, but it is expensive, and once a part goes wrong, the whole tube is often scrapped.
To this end, Newheek provides a variable-field X-ray image intensifier that can achieve a wide field of vision, meet the image quality requirements of medical or other special applications, and meet the safety standards in dose.
Image intensifier ct scan consists of criteria
Image intensifier ct scan, which includes rare earth intensifier green screen, objective lens, image intensifier, relay lens and CCD camera along the light path. Its characteristics are as follows: in the light path between the rare earth intensifier green screen and the objective lens, there is an aperture and a plane reflector.The rare earth sensitive green screen adopts the rare earth quick sensitive green screen with aluminum substrate, and the objective lens is a continuous zoom lens.
Newheek image intensifier ct scan is divided into 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches.Can meet your different procurement needs.


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