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Image intensifier has vertical lines

Today, a customer called us to inquire about our image intensifier, saying that they saw our image intensifier on the website, which is very consistent with the image intensifier they are currently using. Their image intensifier always has vertical lines during use, and it has been used for a long time. Now they are asking for the price, and if it is suitable, they will replace it with a new one.
When asking the customer what X-ray machine they use, the customer said that they are in the school’s scientific research laboratory and this is a scientific research project. We sent the information of the image intensifier to the customer, recommending a 9-inch image intensifier, and told the customer that the one I just recommended to you is 9 inches, and the incident field diameter is about 23cm; the 12-inch, the incident field diameter is about 31cm. You can measure the approximate diameter of your image intensifier incident field, and you will know whether it is 9 inches or 12 inches. The customer said that the 9-inch one is fine, and theirs is a Thales image intensifier, and the input end diameter is about 21cm.
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Image intensifier shooting effect picture sneakers

Image intensifier shooting effect picture sneakers

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