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Image intensifier leakage repair

Recently, an old customer asked whether the high-voltage leakage can be repaired. The answer is of course it can be repaired. However, after disassembling the machine, it was found that the inner tank was leaking, and some hardware damage could not be repaired. This customer’s image intensifier has been used for 18 years. There are also several repairs in the middle. According to the international standard, the average service life of medical equipment is about 8 years. This equipment is also very hard.
The high-voltage leakage phenomenon basically depends on the long service life, and the internal insulating glue is aging and thus loses its original value. Therefore, most of us disassemble the machine to check other hardware and use the aging glue to remove the aging glue and re-wiring. After wiping the lens and resealing it, if it continues to appear black or blurred, the internal hardware may be damaged. The image intensifier needs to be replaced in time.
Our company provides services such as maintenance and replacement of new equipment. Self-produced image intensifiers can replace image intensifiers such as Toshiba and Thales. Regardless of size and style, we can help customers replace the most suitable products. If there is a need for image intensifier maintenance, friends at home and abroad are welcome to inquire and discuss cooperation matters.

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