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Image intensifier tube – tube wall and ion pump

Fluoroscopy image intensifier system application

The image intensifier tube wall is also the shell, mainly made of high-strength glass: with a black coating on the outside, to prevent light from entering the tube.

Its main function is to support the input and output screens, and the electrodes in the tube in a fixed position to maintain a closed vacuum environment in the tube.

Ion pump is also called suction electrode. The main reason for installing the suction electrode in the image intensifier tube is that the material inside the tube will release a small amount of gas, and the gas molecules will be ionized by the high-speed running electron impact. Under the action of strong electric field, the ionization ion will be focused and accelerated, and run to the output screen, which will destroy the output image.

image intensifier fluoroscopy

Its main function is to maintain the vacuum in the image intensifier tube by utilizing irreversible gas absorption of some metals in the burning state.


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