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Image intensifier TV system for replacement and maintenance

A client of a company consulted on an image intensifier TV system. The customer is an industrial enterprise, mainly used for industrial testing. Two of his image intensifier TV systems were broken, so he replaced them with two ordinary monitors, but found that they could not see clearly and had no storage function. The customer wants to buy a complete set of image intensifier TV system and asks if we have such a product. I told my customers that I did. We have grayscale monitors and analog cameras, as well as a central control box for storing data. But whether it is worth it, you have to look at the product parameters used by the customer before. It is best to take a picture of the product nameplate of the image intensifier TV system used before. Let’s compare it and we need to know how many Hz and how much. The line is right, the customer said that he is free to take a photo, and he will reply to me later.

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