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Iranian customer inquiries about 9-inch image intensifier

Iranian customers inquire about the 9-inch image intensifier products of Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and ask what equipment the customer mainly uses. Our image intensifier has a 20mm output screen and a 25mm output screen. Ask which one the customer needs, I can give The customer has the best quotation, and sent the picture of our image intensifier to the customer, and introduced the PDF and other materials. The customer asked the price, and the quotation has been made. At present, the domestic image intensifier manufacturers are no longer producing, and all are discontinued, but our company is The only manufacturer that has stock, the image intensifier mainly uses the photoelectric effect, the X-ray is projected to the input screen of the shadow increase, converted into visible light, and then the photoelectric layer produces the photoelectric effect to generate light, and the photoelectrons are refracted and focused through the electric field interface inside the inner tank, and then pass through. The high-voltage power supply accelerates the projection to the output end to form an electronic image.

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