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Matters Needing Attention For High Voltage Power Supply

High voltage power supply
High voltage power supply for high pressure, is for image intensifier Newheek TH – 30 c high voltage power supply can be with thales intensifier using high voltage power supply, Newheek considerations for the maintenance of high voltage power supply replacement must be to ensure that the image intensifier bladder can be normal use under the premise of (except the tank discharge, leakage, air intake and input screen sag of bladder damage).Before installation, please clean and dry the high-voltage cable connected with the high-voltage power supply on the image intensifier with alcohol, so as not to cause discharge after installation.During installation, connect the cleaned high-voltage cable to the corresponding high-voltage output port of the high-voltage power supply according to the line number.Remember to plug the high-tension cable to the end and tighten it.

matched with thales or thomson image intensifier

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