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Newheek x ray grid for image intensifier

A domestic customer consulted us about 9-inch and 6-inch grids. The customer used it on the image intensifier to send the label image of our existing stock to the customer. The customer said that the parameter is OK. There is no problem with their image enhancer.

Type of image intensifier

The grid used on the image intensifier is round. Our existing stocks are all well-punched and can be installed directly. The customer said that their image intensifier is Italian. The customer said that their image intensifier is Italian. The desired grid is not perforated, and customers are told that Huarui currently has existing grids. There are mounting holes, but the holes are all in the field of view. It has no effect on the images in the normal range of use, and there is no worry at all. The customer said to implement the specific size, then contact me.


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