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NEWHEEK X-ray image intensifier can replace Thales 23XZ-4ST X-ray image intensifier

* Hospital replaced the x ray image intensifier, and the director of the equipment department ** came to inquire about the replacement and price. The specific communication process is as follows:
The customer claims that one of the X-ray image intensifiers on hand is broken and they need to be replaced. Does our company have it?
Ask the customer what brand and model of the X-ray image intensifier? If there is a label picture, it is best to take a photo and send it to me.
The customer weighed it and looked at it. Why is there nothing on the outside? Do I need to open the shell to take a look?
Tell the customer that according to what he said, the possibility of Thales image intensifier is relatively high. If there is no label, I will take a picture of its appearance and take a look. At present, the customer has sent photos of the X-ray image intensifier.
From the appearance, most of this X-ray image intensifier is Shanghai Thales 23XZ-4ST. Our company has replacement products. It can completely replace the one you are using now. The price is **, if we need to install on-site, the cost is **
Customers said they need to report to the hospital, and if the project is approved, we will be appointed to install the machine.
Dear users and friends, if your existing X-ray machine needs to replace the X-ray image intensifier, please remember that we are the manufacturer of X-ray image intensifiers.  If you are interested in this device, please send an email to:


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