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Note for image intensifier high voltage power supply installation

Newheek TH-30C high voltage power supply is used in conjunction with the French Thomson image intensifier.Matters needing attention for maintenance and replacement of high-voltage power supply;The precautions mentioned below must be carried out under the premise that the inner bladder of the image intensifier can be used normally (except for the inner bladder damage such as discharge, leakage, air intake and input screen sag).Before installation, please clean and dry the high-voltage lines connected to the high-voltage power supply on the image intensifier with alcohol to avoid the unclean high-voltage lines, which will cause discharge after installation.

When installing, connect the cleaned high-voltage line to the corresponding high-voltage output port of the high-voltage power supply according to the line number.During connection, the high voltage line must be inserted into the bottom and the high voltage line must be tightened.This prevents loose high-tension lines and fires.If the high voltage line is also clean;At the same time, it was tightened, but there was still a slight discharge at the high end.In the case of power failure, the high-voltage line can be pulled out, and the discharge problem can be solved after the line is reconnected with high-voltage silicone grease.In the process of image adjustment, it can be adjusted according to the method mentioned in the instruction.

The operating environment of the equipment should be strictly required to prevent the equipment emission and combustion caused by abnormal working environment (such as humid air).

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