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Product introduction of Image Signal Processor

Product introduction of Image Signal Processor

Image Signal Processor Product Description:

1. The brightness and contrast of the input video signal can be adjusted by the software in the menu to suit different CCD cameras or customer requirements (the 75Hz board also supports post-output adjustment, that is, the back-end processing function);

2. It has a video input loop outlet, which can compare the video image effect before and after processing, and is convenient for maintenance and debugging.

3., there are 2 channels after processing output, convenient expansion monitor. One of the outputs supports no character display.

4. provide OSD function, support screen character display, all functions state is clear at a glance.

5. The window width, window position, voltage range, sensitivity, positive and negative value, and balance point can be set arbitrarily in the software.

6. foot switch provides relay contact output to facilitate connection control.

7. the size and location of the electronic circle can be revoked.

8. Noise reduction series and correlation coefficients can be adjusted by software to meet customer requirements (most of the domestic boards do not support user adjustment, are factory settings);

9. Support for left and right flip preset (75Hz also supports up and down flip preset).

10. * edge enhancement can be customized as required. (Individual model)

11. * the number of storage can be increased to more than 16 according to the requirements. (Individual model)

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