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Senegal inquiry image intensifier

On October 12, 2021, Newheek received an inquiry about image intensifiers from Senegal on Alibaba, and sent 9-inch image intensifier data and pictures to customers, allowing customers to take pictures of the existing image intensifier label models and send them to us , to determine which image intensifier to replace. The client sent a portable X-ray machine, telling us that we have a similar one, and sent a photo. The client asked if I could take a picture of the buttocks? It is generally told to shoot the limbs. A 5KW mobile DR is recommended. 5KW head (including T-shaped frame) + 1417 tablet PC, the factory price is $14038, the customer means that our image intensifier is a bit big, and if you want a cheap shadow increase, we are told that we don’t have it for the time being.

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