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The difference between industrial and medical image intensifiers

Recently, a customer wanted to buy an image intensifier. Customers say that they mainly want to use image intensifiers in industry, but they see that many of the image intensifiers on our website are medical, so I want to ask them if they are suitable for them. The image intensifier used is second-hand, and we also sell industrial image intensifiers. The customer asked us what is the difference between industrial image intensifiers and medical image intensifiers?
In X-ray fluoroscopy equipment such as medical diagnosis, industrial flaw detection, and safety inspection, the image intensifier can convert and enhance the X-ray fluoroscopy image into a visible light image with sufficient brightness.
The image intensifier is composed of an input surface, a photocathode, a cluster electrode, an anode, and an output surface under vacuum. After X-ray conversion, the photoelectrons are accelerated by high voltage, and the electron lens beam composed of the beam electrode and the anode forms an image on the output surface.
We can satisfy customers who need image intensifiers, whether they are used in medical or industrial applications.

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