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The role of triple-field image intensifier

An important part of the X-ray machine is the triple-field image intensifier.
image intensifier consists of intensifier tubes, tube containers, power supplies, optical systems and supports.
The brightness on the X-ray screen is very weak and it is not appropriate to use the TV camera for direct image uptake. There are three ways to overcome this difficulty. The first is to increase the brightness of the screen, but this must be done by increasing the dose of x-rays.
Triple field image intensifier
The second type is an enhanced fluorescent screen and a high sensitivity camera tube, but the image quality is not ideal. The third and most reasonable approach is to use triple-field image intensifier to convert X-ray images into visible light images and increase their brightness by thousands of times before shooting.
The main part of the triple-field image intensifier is the image intensifier tube, which contains an input screen, allowing the image that intensifies thousands of times its intensity to image on the output screen. When the photon of visible light is absorbed by the photocathode, the information becomes the electron beam pointing to the output screen of the intensifier. The information is transmitted from the output screen to the observer’s retina in the form of a visible image.
Newheek trip-field image intensifier is 6 inches, 9 inches and 12 inches long, with features that can replace those of Toshiba, thales or philips.
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