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What are the composition and characteristics of the X-ray image intensifier TV system?

The X-ray image intensifier TV system uses X-rays as the light source, and the object captured by the camera is the fluorescent image on the intensifier.
The equipment that composes the X-ray image intensifier TV system includes X-ray machines and image intensifiers, in addition to the cameras, transmission cables, synchrotrons and monitors of general industrial TVs. Through the image enhancement equipment, the brightness of the phosphor screen can be increased by about 10,000 times.
In terms of application, when using X-ray TV, doctors can perform various examinations and diagnoses in a brighter room. Moreover, the image is clear and the contrast is good, which is conducive to the discovery of lesions and improves the work efficiency and diagnosis rate.
In terms of protection, due to the application of the enhancement system to increase the brightness, the perspective dose is significantly reduced. It not only reduces the damage to the staff and patients, and ensures their physical and mental health, but also greatly reduces the burden of the X-ray tube and prolongs the life of the machine.

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