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What is the size of the image intensifier of the fluoroscopy machine?

X-ray X-ray machine, also known as X-ray X-ray machine, is an instrument that uses X-rays to see through objects. Large-scale equipment is mostly used for medical treatment, usually in hospitals to see patients. Such as orthopedic fluoroscopy, dental fluoroscopy, etc.
X-ray fluoroscopy machines can penetrate many objects, such as wood, ceramics, human bones, wood, bamboo products, plastics, clothing and other fiber products, glass, paper, thin metals and other media.

The size of the image intensifier of a general perspective machine is 9 inches or 6 inches, and the size of the effective incident field is not less than 85% of the nominal value. An image intensifier is an imaging device that converts X-ray invisible light into visible light. It is mainly used in conjunction with X-ray machines, and is mainly used for X-ray inspection of chest, abdomen, bones and soft tissues in medical applications.
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