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What is the small high voltage on X-ray image intensifier-X-ray high voltage power supply

For engineers who often engage in X-ray image intensifier repairs, they are familiar with the concept of X-ray high-voltage power supplies. Small high voltage actually refers to X-ray high-voltage power supplies. How does the high-voltage power supply of the X-ray image intensifier work? What is it made of? And what models and brands are there? I believe many people are not very clear. NEWHEEK can answer these questions one by one, and our company also has some X-ray high-voltage power supplies that can replace other major brands of X-ray high-voltage power supplies, such as Thales, Toshiba, and so on. The following is to popularize the knowledge of X-ray high-voltage power supply.
First of all, what does the X-ray high-voltage power supply do? And what parts are it made of? The X-ray high-voltage power supply transforms low-voltage current into high-voltage current through a pulse transformer. So that the equipment can operate normally, and the small high voltage is composed of three parts: the electron tube, the power supply board, and the regulating board. The structure of the X-ray high-voltage power supply seems to be very simple. In fact, there are many circuits and power lines contained in the X-ray high-voltage power supply. A slight error will cause the small high-voltage to fail to operate normally.

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