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Where is the high voltage power supply used

We are curious about where the high-voltage power supply is used. The following Xiaobian will talk about where the high-voltage power supply is used.
First to popularize the knowledge of high voltage power supply: high voltage generator is also known as DC high voltage generator, which is the traditional name of high voltage power supply, refers to the high voltage power supply mainly used for insulation and leakage detection, at present, high voltage power supply and high voltage generator has no strict difference. high voltage power supply abbreviation: HVPS. High frequency DC high voltage generator adopts high frequency voltage doubling circuit, the application of the latest PWM high frequency pulse width modulation technology, closed loop adjustment, the use of voltage feedback, so that voltage stability is greatly improved. High power IGBT devices with excellent performance and their driving technology are used, and special shielding, isolation and grounding measures are adopted according to electromagnetic compatibility theory. Make DC high voltage generator achieve high quality, portable, and can withstand rated voltage discharge without damage. Our company’s high voltage power supply is generally used for image intensifier.
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