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Why use image intensifier TV System?

A device that converts X-ray images into visible images and enhances brightness, but its output image is too small for direct observation and diagnosis. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with the X-ray television system in practical use, and observe with the television monitor of the television system, so as to diagnose the human body lesions.
image intensifier TV System
The television system consists of image intensifier, optical distributor, closed circuit television system and so on. Special cameras and X-ray TV cameras can also be configured on the optical distributor.
The image intensifier TV System is operated in the Ming room, convenient, easy to observe, and free from any location. The use of the image intensifier TV System can reduce X-ray dosage, fluoroscopy according to the original measurement of one-tenth of the quality of the image can be high. The use of image intensifier TV System is more convenient for teaching and scientific research, can carry out multi-person observation, video, long-distance transmission, image digitization.
image intensifier TV System


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