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X-ray image intensifier

Today’s article mainly talks about the common malfunction of image intensifiers in applications
The image intensifier is composed of a shell, an intensifier vacuum tube (including the intensifier input screen and the intensifier output screen), a high-voltage power module and a high-voltage cable.
In general, the faults of shadow projection mainly include:
1, high voltage power discharge
The main performance for the high voltage end of the power supply ignition phenomenon and other sound.
First: Under the condition that the power supply is not broken, the cable of the high-voltage end can be pulled out and cleaned first. Then, the high-voltage end of the power supply can be coated with high-voltage silicone grease and the high-voltage cable can be reconnected.The discharge phenomenon of the power supply can be eliminated.
Second: high voltage power discharge is too serious damage in case.Only replace the power supply.
2. Discharge of output screen of intensifier:
The main performance for the output screen flash screen phenomenon.
The output screen of the intensifier flashes when the intensifier is energized but no rays are added.
The main reason for the output screen discharge of the intensifier is that the insulation glue of the output screen of the intensifier is aging. Therefore, the insulation glue of the output screen should be completely removed, and then the sealing glue and baking process should be carried out again to solve the discharge phenomenon of the output screen.Note: This need to use professional packaging equipment, do not do it without permission, so as not to cause irreparable loss.
3. Tank leakage:
Manifestation: the main manifestation of the image fuzzy, high voltage terminal voltage straight down.
First: If there is a slight leakage of electricity, the output screen can be re-sealed to solve the problem.
Second: if the leakage is serious, it is the tank discharge, can only replace the tank or purchase new products.
4. Poor vacuum of inner tank:
Manifestations: Bad vacuum of the inner tank is mainly manifested as: when the intensifier is in the state of power, but no ray is added, bright light of the half-moon will appear on the output screen of the intensifier. The larger the bright area of the half-moon, the more serious the bad vacuum of the inner tank is.
First: If the vacuum defect is not very serious, the aging test can be carried out for a period of time (long-term power supply to the intensifier for 1-3 days) to see if there is still this phenomenon.
Second: if the vacuum bad phenomenon is serious, only replace the tank or purchase new products.
5. Tank electrode of the intensifier falls off:
Manifestation: In the process of getting up and lying on the bed, the image intensifier on the monitor shows that there is a flow of objects flowing from the edge part or from the middle to the edge. Finally, the display screen turns white, resulting in the inability to see the image clearly.(This often happens when G3 falls off the Thales tube.)
Solution: unable to repair, can only replace the tank or purchase new products.

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