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X-ray image intensifier replaces F52-8C X-ray machine X-ray image intensifier

The manager L of Beijing RST Medical Company consulted the X-ray image intensifier , asked the customer what type of X-ray image intensifier is required. At present, they mainly replace the X-ray image intensifier used on the Wandong F52-8C X-ray machine. With the improvement of medical standards, flat-panel detectors have been widely used. On the contrary, X-ray image intensifiers are slowly with drawing from the stage of history. Manager L said that both Toshiba and Thales X-ray image intensifiers can be used. They are mainly used for maintenance and replacement.Manufacturers of X-ray image intensifiers such as Toshiba and Thales are also transforming to produce other equipment. So the number of imported X-ray image intensifiers is also decreasing. However, Shandong newheek’s image intensifiers have been in production, mainly replacing Toshiba and Thales X-ray image intensifiers. Because the liner of X-ray image intensifiers is imported, the company has been making domestically produced products for more than 20 years. X-ray image intensifier, so whether it is production technology or maintenance technology, it is not inferior to imported ones.

In addition, the shape of newheek’s X-ray image intensifier is very similar to Toshiba and Thales, and the installation ports are also the same. You can rest assured Buy!

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