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X-ray lens description

X-ray lens is an indispensable part of the X-ray detection system. After the X-ray passes through the PCB, the image intensifier is used to receive and enhance the image. Finally, the image information extracted from the image intensifier is processed by the computer through the CCD camera.
X ray lens description
Newheek image intensifiers are available in a variety of types and sizes, ranging from 6 “to 9” to 12 “.
Moreover, our X-ray lens adopts the columnar crystalline fluorescent body that is most suitable for the input surface fluorescent body, so as to achieve high resolution.And the use of high precision electronic lens to ensure good image quality and high definition.
In addition, thin aluminum input Windows are used to improve X-ray transmission, thereby reducing scattered lines for high contrast.The output window is plated with anti-reflection film to ensure high brightness when high contrast.
Newheek X-ray lens can meet your different purchasing requirements.


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