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Image device mainly has two kinds

Used for image enhancement device mainly has two kinds, one of the most common is the large diameter tube type a body structure of the X-ray image intensifier, such as Toshiba, Thomson of France company production of 9 inches and 12 inches oec image intensifier, its structure is, in large diameter vacuum tube, set up an input conversion screen and photocathode, there is a composed of electron lens focusing electrode and an output screen.
Type of image intensifier
When X-ray projection in the enhanced tube input end, X-ray photons through the input window into the tube, absorbed by input switch panel, the energy is converted into visible light photons, and causes the photocathode emit electrons, these electrons are accelerated electron lens and converge to the output on the screen, and on the output end to form a corresponding to the input X-ray image has the enough brightness of visible light image.
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