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NK5761-TA Power Supply match with TH9464 Image Intensifier 6inch

  • 1. For high voltage power supply to image intensifier.
    2. HV port output high voltage up to 25KV
    3. U1/U2 port voltage can be adjusted (for adjusting image definition).
    4. Perfect replacement of Thales original high voltage power supply
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NK5761-TA Power Supply Match with TH9464 Image Intensifier 6″


It can replace the Thales Thomson TH9464 6-inch image intensifier power supply ,  its dimensions, installation methods and electrical performance specifications is the same with original power supply.


Voltage     Values Range Adjustable Range
U5 30±2kV      –
U4     1.5-3.5kV      –

x-ray image intensifier accessories hv power supply

x-ray image intensifier power supply

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