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6-inch image intensifier introduction

The 6-inch image intensifier is used as the receiver of medical X-ray imager. Image intensifier belongs to electronic optical focusing vacuum tube type imaging device, which is mainly composed of vacuum image inverter and lens-coupled CCD camera. This kind of imaging device has high signal-to-noise ratio, but it is expensive, and the whole tube is often scrapped once something goes wrong.
6 inch image intensifier introduction
For this purpose, Newheek provides a 6-inch image intensifier with a variable field of view that meets the quality requirements of medical and other special applications and meets the safety standards.
The 6-inch image intensifier includes a rare earth sensitive green screen, an objective lens, an image brightness intensifier, a relay lens and a CCD camera arranged in sequence along the light path.The rare earth sensitive green screen adopts the rare earth quick sensitive green screen with aluminum substrate, and the objective lens is a continuous zoom lens.
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