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6 inches image intensifier

Newheek 6 inches image intensifier achieves high resolution, low image interference and high contrast. Use the medical X-ray 6 inches image intensifier to your advantage and make it safe to use.

6 inches image intensifier, consisting of X-ray image intensifier tubes, tube containers, dedicated high-voltage power supplies built into tube containers and low-voltage power supplies that drive high-voltage power supplies.There are also models that do not include low voltage power supplies. Medical X-ray image multiplier tube is a large vacuum tube with input screen, photocathode and output screen.
6 inches image intensifier’s X-ray image multiplier tube works by generating an X-ray image on the input screen of the X-ray image multiplier tube through the test body with x-rays emitted from the X-ray tube focus. Second, X ray 6 inches image intensifier is converted to a light image on the input screen, which emits photoelectrons from the photosurface connected to the input screen.
Finally, the output image can be observed by optical lens, TV camera and TV monitor.
Newheek 6 inches image intensifier can replace Toshiba and thales with features and features..


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