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Judgment of the quality of image intensifier small high voltage

The high-voltage power supply in the image intensifier is usually called a small high voltage. A customer’s after-sales department calls to inquire about the judgement of the quality of the small and high voltage image intensifier.
The image intensifier is a small and high-voltage high-voltage power supply, input DC24V direct-current stabilized power supply, and output five sets of voltages:
Among them, G3 and G2 are divided into three presets, which are used for 9″, 6″, and 4″ respectively.
The high-voltage power supply of this image intensifier is a better low-voltage image intensifier. And our company’s high-voltage power supply can completely replace the high-voltage power supply of Thales image intensifier.
If your image intensifier high-voltage power supply needs to be replaced or repaired, please call for consultation. The high-voltage power supply we produce can replace the small high-voltage of major brands.

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