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6-inchx ray image intensifier E5759HD-P1 with x ray high-voltage power supply

A hospital called newheek and reported that there was no image failure in the 6-inch x ray image intensifier E5759HD-P1 in the hospital. The hospital has already tested it. The x ray image intensifier has no image caused by the failure of the X-ray high-voltage power supply. In order to save costs, the hospital wants to Let our company repair as much as possible. Tell the customer that the damaged X-ray high-voltage power supply is basically of no repairable value. In most cases, it is necessary to replace the new X-ray high-voltage power supply. If the hospital wants our company to confirm whether there is any repair value, it needs to mail the image intensifier together with the X-ray high-voltage power supply to our company. Our company provides free inspection services. After the inspection is completed, the customer will be notified of the inspection results. Whether to replace the new product or send it to the customer as it is, and finally the customer will be responsible for it according to the test result

Our engineers have conducted maintenance inspections and finally confirmed that the X-ray high-voltage power supply has been burned out and cannot be repaired. The customer agrees to replace the new X-ray high-voltage power supply, which will be installed and adjusted by our company before sending it to the hospital.

Having said that, if you have a similar situation, you can be completely bold and assured to hand it over to Newheek. You are satisfied with our technology and service package. If you want to know more,please contact us!


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