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A certain medical inquiry image intensifier

Today, a medical practitioner called for consultation through the image intensifier we advertised on our company’s website.
Ask the customer whether they need a complete set of image intensifier products or just buy the system separately. The customer said that the terminal report says that the image intensifier is required for use on the gastrointestinal machine and requires bidding. Ask the customer terminal whether the gastrointestinal machine in the hospital is broken, and why it is necessary to buy an image intensifier TV system separately. The customer said that he was not sure about the need to confirm with the terminal.
The purpose of the image intensifier is to change the X-ray invisible light into visible light, which is convenient for the camera to take pictures. It can be used on the vertical dialysis machine, gastrointestinal machine, and lithotripter in hospitals, mainly for gastrointestinal detection, fallopian tube imaging detection, and lithotripsy positioning. . It is mainly used for non-destructive testing in industry.


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