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A shallow analysis of the cause of fuzzy failure of the image enhancer image of the C -shaped arm

The image intensifier is an important part of the image equipment of the C -shaped arm X -ray machine. His role is to transform the invisible light X -ray into visible light, so that the camera can be taken, and then the image is formed to facilitate the observation of the test results.
The image enhancer is mainly composed of the shell, the inner orchestra, and the high -voltage power supply. The blurred image may be caused by the aging of the inner orchestra, or it may be caused by the leakage of the high -voltage power supply. Shandong Huarui Image Equipment Co., Ltd. is the only manufacturer in China to produce image enhancers. It specializes in the production of X -ray image enhancers and its accessories for more than 20 years. Detection, maintenance, and accessories replacement services. The accessories of the image enhancer, such as the inner bilots, high -voltage power supply, etc. can also be sold separately.
At present, the most commonly used image intensifier is 9 inches, and the output field has a field of view of 20mm and 25mm. If you need to make production facilities or maintenance replacement, you can provide the required size model. We will have a professional customer manager to make a quotation solution for you.
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