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Shenzhen customers inquire about image intensifiers

Shenzhen customer saw the image intensifier sold by Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. on a sales platform and sent an inquiry. We contacted the customer and learned that the customer wanted to assemble an X-ray machine by himself and needed a 9-inch image intensifier device, specify an imported brand.
We introduce to the customer that our company is the only manufacturer that produces image intensifiers at present. The imported brand he designated has been discontinued. Our products can be used for replacement. The customer said to consider it again.
At present, the image intensifiers on the market are basically already available. We at Newheek still have stock for sale to customers all over the world. There are not many stocks in stock. It can replace brands such as Toshiba and Thales. If you need an image intensifier, please contact us as soon as possible. , phone (whatsapp): +8617616362243!

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