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A technology company in Qinhuangdao consulted on image intensifiers

Today, a technology company in Qinhuangdao saw our image intensifier on our company’s social networking site and got in touch with us. After communicating with the customer, I learned that the customer needs to repair the image intensifier. The customer’s image intensifier is used on the X-ray machine of Ekvision, and it is used for industrial non-destructive testing. We just repaired 3 units for a Chongqing company not long ago, which are the same image intensifiers as this customer’s. The customer said that the photo paper meter used for on-site inspection can only see three lines. Our technicians came to two conclusions: one is the problem of the image intensifier, and the other is the problem of the camera. The specific situation needs to be mailed to us by the customer, and we can only know after testing. The customer asked about the maintenance cycle and price, and told them that they would come by email next week.
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