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Wechat inquiry Shenyang company inquiry to increase the price of inner liner

On May 6, 2022, I received an inquiry from WeChat to inquire about the price of inner liner from Shenyang Company. The X-ray image intensifier is mainly composed of input screen, input scintillation crystal, photocathode, vacuum tube and focusing electrode, output scintillation crystal, and output screen. Input screen: In order to ensure that the input screen has enough strength to make it a vacuum device, aluminum or titanium with small attenuation effect and weak scattering ability is generally used to make a board structure with a thickness of about 0.25mm-0.5mm.
The customer said that the user is from Italy, and the inner liner is damaged at present, and asked about the price of Yingzeng inner tank, and the customer said that it should be reported to the user first.
If the user agrees to repair and then mail it to our company.
If you have purchasing needs for shadow increase, please call us


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