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Advantages of X-ray Image Intensifier-TV System

The X-ray image intensifier TV system is an indirect image converter, using X-rays as the light source, and the object captured by the camera is the fluorescent image on the intensifier tube. Let’s talk about the advantages of X-ray image intensifier TV system:
① It can greatly reduce the amount of radiation projected to the subject. Compared with the direct fluoroscopy screen, it can be reduced to about 1/1000 of the dose required by X-rays;
②It can free the diagnostician from the X-ray radiation field. Since the signal has been converted into cable transmission, the monitor that the diagnostician needs to face can be placed in any position;
③ The images of dense tissues (such as bones) in the human body can be well observed. This is because the fluorescent light is enlarged by the image intensifier, so that the brightness of the image is enough to enter the sensitive area of the human eye, so that the diagnostician can calmly Work in a bright and comfortable environment.
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