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An enquiry for image intensifier system from New Zealand.

Two days ago, I received a message on our website saying that they have a 450kv industrial non-destructive testing X-ray machine. We are interested in our image intensifiers, digital cameras and image processing software. I hope we can make an offer.

Then we asked our customers about company information and personal information and recommended our 9-inch and 12-inch image intensifiers to them. A 12-inch image intensifier is recommended if the detected object is large. If the detection object is small, we recommend our 9-inch image intensifier. The customer responded that he chose a 12-inch image intensifier.

Then we explained to our customers that in the detection process, we must avoid direct X-ray projection to the image intensifier, because 450KV is indeed a relatively high dose, if it is not directly projected to the image intensifier through the measured object, it will damage the image intensifier. So we must pay attention to this point.

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