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Brazil added 33274 confirmed cases, the largest increase in a single day

According to the People’s Daily Overseas News, according to the latest data released on the evening of the 30th local time by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the country added 33274 new cases of coronary artery pneumonia in a single day, with a total of 498440 diagnoses; 956 new deaths and a cumulative death of 28834 example. At present, the total number of new diagnoses of new pneumonia in Brazil ranks second in the world, second only to the United States.


X-ray image intensifier is an electronic device that converts X-ray image input into visible light image output. It is installed on the X-ray TV device for X-ray fluoroscopy and photography. The X-ray image intensifier is composed of an X-ray image multiplier tube, a tube container, a special high-voltage power supply built into the tube container, and a low-voltage power supply driving the high-voltage power supply.


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