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    NK1410AH medical high scan image monitor

NK1410AH medical high scan image monitors 1249L

  • 1. Video input : Interface type BNC
    2. Horizontal resolution : Center ≥1000 line edge ≥ 800 lines
    3. Brightness discrimination level ≥ 16 level
    4. Maximum brightness : Class A ≥100cd / m2
    5. Power consumption of power ≤ 45VA
    6. Scanning systems : CCIR 1249/50 progressive scan
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NK1410AH medical high scan image monitors for fluoroscopy equipment

I. Brief Introduction:

It is the high definition gray level monitor which is special designed for matching of medical and industrial image display. This monitor adopts special display tube and image signal process technology that makes image has high contrast ratio, rich details and different scanning systems, which can be matched with different fluoroscopy application system.

II. Application:

It is application to the image displays of X-ray image intensifier TV system and C-arm angiography etc medical image system.

III. Main Technological Parameters:

1. Power Supply:

(1) Voltage: AC 220V±10%

(2) Frequency: 50±1Hz

(3) Screen Size: 35 cm

(4) Scanning System: CCIR: 1249/50, Progressive Scan

2. Video Input:

(1) Interface Type: BNC

(2) Level Resolution: Center ≥1000 Horizontal; Edge ≥800 Horizontal

(3) Input Impedance: 75Ω

(4) Input Video Signal Amplitude: 0.5~2Vp-p

(5) Picture Format Ratio: 4:3

(6) Brightness Discrimination: ≥16 grade

(7) -3dB Video Bandwidth: ≥12.5MHz

(8) Light Spot Diameter: ≤0.25mm

(9) Max Brightness: ≥100cd/m2

(10)Geometric Distortion: ≤3%

(11)Nonlinear Distortion: ≤5%

(12 Power Supply Consumption: ≤45VA

3. Outline Dimension: 32cm×30cm×30cm

4. Weight: 10 kg

IV. Standard Configuration:

1. Monitor: 1 set

2. Power Cord: 1 piece

3. Service Manual: 1 copy

4. Quality Certificate: 1 copy . Remark:

V. Remark:

It needs to make special production if the picture format ratio is 1:1 or the screen size is 12 inch.

VI. Detail Pictures:

NK1410AH medical high scan image monitors back

NK1410AH medical high scan image monitors picture

NK1410AH medical high scan image monitors side

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