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Briefly talk about the working principle of the image intensifier

The image intensifier is composed of an input surface, a photocathode, a cluster electrode, an anode, and an output surface under vacuum conditions.
After the X-ray is converted by the image intensifier, the photoelectrons are accelerated by high voltage, and an image is formed on the output surface through an electron lens cluster composed of a cluster electrode and an anode. Columnar crystals with a fiber structure are formed on the input surface, which can suppress light diffusion and improve spatial frequency characteristics. The emitting surface can directly form a fluorescent film. In addition, the anti-reflection layer can be used to obtain high-contrast images.
The image intensifier TV system uses X-ray as the light source, and the goal of the camera is to enhance the fluorescent image on the tube, which is different from other TV systems that use visible light as the light source.
In the past, doctors had to wear red glasses for about five minutes of dark adaptation before observing the screen in a completely dark environment. The image was clear and the contrast was good, which helped to find pathological changes and improve work efficiency and diagnosis rate.
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