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About the X-ray image intensifier damaged during transportation

Recently, a clinic purchased the high-voltage power supply of our X-ray image intensifier. Because the customer will not install and debug the high-voltage power supply, so the X-ray image intensifier + camera are mailed to our company, so that our engineers can install the high-voltage power supply to X On the radiographic image intensifier, it is continuously adjusted with the camera to achieve the best image quality during the continuous adjustment process. Unfortunately, the camera on the X-ray image intensifier was damaged during transportation.
The X-ray image intensifier is damaged during transportation, which is undesirable for everyone. However, after we received the goods, we found that the mounting disc of the camera base was damaged. As for whether the camera is damaged, we need to re-examine and appraise it. In order to facilitate the express delivery to take pictures and collect evidence on the spot, our company has not moved the goods temporarily. The customer needs to discuss the claims with the sender’s courier company first. If the courier company communicates and coordinates, our company will conduct inspections and repairs.
In order to protect our interests from loss, we remind everyone to choose full price insurance when mailing X-ray image intensifiers and other goods, so that if the X-ray image intensifier is damaged during transportation, our interests can be maximized. protection of. Another is that when packing goods, we must do a good job of waterproofing and cushioning, especially for vulnerable equipment like X-ray image intensifiers. Only by being foolproof can we ensure that the equipment will not have any failures.
If you all know what to pay attention to when you mail an X-ray image intensifier, right? Because our company often mails equipment and similar incidents have occurred in the middle, our company has certain requirements for packaging and price insuring when shipping to ensure that the interests of customers are not damaged.

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