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Brightness gain effect of image intensifier machine.

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The main component of image intensifier machine is image intensifier tube.
The main function of the image intensifier tube is to improve the influence brightness and facilitate the camera to take pictures.
The ratio of the influence brightness of the output screen to that of the input screen is defined as the brightness gain of the image intensifier tube. Brightness gain is related to reduction gain and flow gain.
Reduce gain: Because the input screen area of the image intensifier tube is larger than the output screen area.
The electrons emitted from the input screen of the photocathode are projected to the output screen centrally after passing through the lens. Because the output screen is small, more electrons are received in the area of the Party Committee of the output screen, and finally the brightness of the output screen is improved.
Flow gain: In the image intensifier tube, due to the acceleration of the positive electrons, the photoelectrons have a higher ability, and then impact the output screen to excite multiple electrons. The larger the photoelectron energy, the more photons are excited, and the higher the fluorescence brightness is.
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